Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Here ! !

I am so excited that Thanksgiving Week is here!! We are kicking things off tonight with a Thanksgiving meal at friends' house, complete with turkey, stuffing, wine, and desserts.  I got up early this morning and baked a pumpkin pie (the first of three for the week :).  I didn't taste it yet, but it looked like it turned out pretty scrumptious.  I took my Thanksgiving spirit a little further and added a splash of egg nog to my pumpkin-flavored coffee.  It's like my own little latte.  Mmm.  Then to make things even better, I heard my favorite Christmas song on the way to work. You know, this one.  (To top that, I just watched the accompanying video (included in the link) and have a whole new respect for the song. Holy '80s!)   

Best friend gets in town from New York tomorrow, and I'm doing some night shopping with my sissy too.  Bryant and I are running a 5K Thursday morning (I think/hope), with two turkey meals scheduled for Thursday afternoon and evening, followed by a favorite tradition of mine, The Plaza Lighting Ceremony.  Friday we are heading way up north for the rest of the weekend to eat, drink, and be thankful with Bryant's (super fun) family.  

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all!

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Jordyn said...

So excited too!! See you soon!! (Or will I?)


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