Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Died. Thrice.

Saturday morning brought regular weekend activities with my favorite guy + dog.  After a trip to the store, the dog park, and the breakfast spot, we were ready to get home.  That is until we saw the sign for 50% off Estate Sale.  It had been going on since Thursday, so my hopes really weren't up.  And then!  There they were!  Two delightfully yellow accent chairs at least forty years old and in prime condition.  I died.

The sign above them said CHAIRS $20.  I died again, and then I tore the sign down so no one could take them from me.  I checked my wallet for $40 cash.  Yippy.  I dashed up the stairs to claim them, holding my breath they weren't on hold already.  When I told the man at the table I wanted them, he said that was fine and we could load them into the car through the garage.  Then he did the math: "$20 for the pair, and everything is 1/2 off today, so that will be $10."  HUH?  I died.  Eventually I forced a breath.  $10?  That's it?  My mind did a heel-click.  I gave the man his money and rushed to tell Bryant the news.

So we grabbed our $5 chairs, loaded them on top of the car, and drove away with a big smile on my face.

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