Monday, January 26, 2009

determined to find delicious denim

After a worn hole showed up in a 2nd pair of my absolute favorite jeans, I have decided it is finally time to toss my first designer denim love and start browsing for some new ones. As much as I adore(d) my pair of Paiges, I cannot help but wonder if there is a better option. Banana Republic's are too short, Rock&Republic logo on the pockets isn't my style, and Joe's stretch too much. Other options may include Hudson and J Brand. But then again, maybe it is just the style of the jeans that I am basing my opinion, which isn't entirely fair. Perhaps my perfect pair is waiting in the form of a brand I don't think I like, but may end up loving. I guess I will start from square one and begin trying on all potentials. Any suggestions/favorites would be much appreciated. I am determined to find my perfect pair of jeans!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My To Do List

1. Get my master's degree
2. Write + publish a book
3. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to the Kentucky Derby
4. Walk the red carpet
5. Go to NYC for New Year's (completed)
6. Have to give an acceptance speech
7. Fall in love. Like really in love
8. Do a polar bear swim
9. Learn to play the piano
10. Design my own house
11. Volunteer in an underdeveloped country 
12. Have something named after me
13. Be a bride. One time.
14. Knit a scarf
15. Ski in the Alps
16. Leave a hundred dollar tip for a cup of coffee
17. Sky dive (completed)
18. Go on a cruise
19. Live outside of Kansas City (completed)
20. Speak Spanish fluently (getting there...)
21. Be hypnotized
22. Have a song written about me (completed, but not satisfactory)
23. Own a telescope
24. Get a small tattoo
25. Visit Ireland on St. Patrick's Day (completed)
26. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
27. Attend the Olympics
28. Have my own kids (I want four)
29. See the pyramids
30. Become a decent golfer
31. Kayak
32. Grow my own vegetables
33. Acupuncture
34. Put together and edit a video
35. Attend a fashion show during fashion week in NYC
36. Take a vacation all by myself
37. Participate in a protest
38. Rollerblade in Central Park

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

mystery man with the brilliant jacket

this picture was taken in panama, without the guy knowing he was being photographed. love the atmosphere, love the bold jacket. i am curious: what is he thinking about? where is he from? why is he there? regardless of answers, his surroundings encircle him as if to say none of it really matters anyway. a bit existential, but i really love this one. (definitely worth clicking on to make bigger.)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

NYC with my BFF

Jordyn came out here to visit me again(!) & we ended up in New York for most of her trip. Quite the fantastic adventure. . .
on our way, blizzard and all.

getting ready for 2009. . . laughing of course

happy new year!

off to the sights***

We the pretzel for $1

4am...what's next?

Bryant Park

In search of the MetroCard

Tired, waiting on the A Train.

a very HAPPY NEW YEAR indeed.


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