Monday, January 26, 2009

determined to find delicious denim

After a worn hole showed up in a 2nd pair of my absolute favorite jeans, I have decided it is finally time to toss my first designer denim love and start browsing for some new ones. As much as I adore(d) my pair of Paiges, I cannot help but wonder if there is a better option. Banana Republic's are too short, Rock&Republic logo on the pockets isn't my style, and Joe's stretch too much. Other options may include Hudson and J Brand. But then again, maybe it is just the style of the jeans that I am basing my opinion, which isn't entirely fair. Perhaps my perfect pair is waiting in the form of a brand I don't think I like, but may end up loving. I guess I will start from square one and begin trying on all potentials. Any suggestions/favorites would be much appreciated. I am determined to find my perfect pair of jeans!


Simone said...

believe it or not Old Navy Diva Jeans received a few great reviews for most body types and they cost US$30...I know it's not a designer jean, but if you look fab in them does it matter :)?

keliann said...

thx! my sis said the same thing about Gap too... i am excited to check it out!

Marq said...

sevens for sure


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