Sunday, November 28, 2010


The photo up above is what our kitchen table normally looks like when we see it.  Then last Saturday we had all the blinds open, and the sun was hitting it just right, bringing out all that nasty dust you see in photo two.  I hadn't realized I need to dust the kitchen table, but I suppose that makes sense since we rarely sit on that side.  Not only did I see the dust, but also paw prints from our 45+ pound dog.  I couldn't help but laugh; he is too big to be walking on a table.  Plus there usually isn't anything but fruit up there during the day, so I'm not sure what would entice him to pounce on up there.  Perhaps he likes apples?  Perhaps he thinks he is a cat?  Ohh, I wish I had a doggy-cam.  (And please pardon the dust.) 

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