Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weezer, Not Bad.

I wouldn't say I am a diehard Weezer fan, but I can usually tap my foot to the beat of their songs, recognize Rivers Cuomo's voice on the radio, and sing along to at least part of the lyrics.  Their songs aren't groundbreaking or lifechanging, but they're fun. 

So it's no surprise that I find their recent single, (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To, to be a bit comical in its simplicity and youthful honesty.  It makes me smile a bit whenever I hear it.
Some lyrics:

The rest of the summer was the best we ever had
We watched Titanic,
and it didn’t make us sad
I took you to Best Buy
you took me home to meet your Mom and Dad
Your Mom cooked meatloaf
even though I don’t eat meat
I dug you so much,
I took some for the team
Your dad was silent, his eyes were fixed on what was on TV
Then the conversation stopped, and
I looked down at the ring
Your folks were next to you
and you were right there next to me
Then I said go!
If you’re wondering if I want you, (I want you to)
I want you to (I want you to)
So make a move, (Make a move) ‘cos I ain’t got all night
So much pain may come our way
There may come a day when we have nothing left to say
When the conversation stops,
and we’re facing our defeat
I’ll be next to you and
you’ll be right there next to me
It's simple, honest, non-emo, and kind of an adorable little song.  I mean, if you really like someone you eat meatloaf for them.  Who cares if an 18 year old could have written it?  He didn't.  It's catchy.  And it's sweet.  Case closed.

*River Cuomo found here

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