Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tahoe (Twit)pics

Last weekend B and I spent an amazing four days in Squaw Valley and San Francisco, where we visited my sweet sister.  You know those vacations where everything just fits perfectly together?  Well that was last weekend.  Aside from a pricey speeding ticket, a couple of flight delays, and a faulty sailboat motor, the trip was simply fabulous.  

We flew into SFO and drove straight to Tahoe, arriving at 4am early Friday morning.  Our late/early arrival in our beds didn't stop us from hitting the slopes a few hours later.  I thought some sort of exhaustion would hit, but it never really did.  I guess we were running on so much positive energy, and that lasted the entire weekend.

Of course I took loads of pictures (like, 400) but all I have for now are the ones I uploaded on Twitter.  As much as I loved Tahoe, I was just as excited about spending time with my sister.  We could have been in Idaho and still laughed our big heads off.  (No offense, Idaho.)

California has so many beautiful, breath-taking spots.  
Lake Tahoe is most definitely one of them.

I busted out some yoga snoga moves on the mountain.  
This is Warrior II.

We had two sunny/snowy/cloudy/rainy/sunny days on the mountain, and I was pleased that we didn't have to share it with too many other people.

Both ski days ended with beverages at the bottom of the mountain.
This wine was a really great treat, one of Napa's very own.

Just looking through these pictures has me excited to share the rest of them.  After Tahoe we spent a night in Berkeley, had the most delicious coffee Sunday morning, sailed the bay Sunday afternoon, and sipped red wine while people-watching from a lovely little table under a heat lamp in SF Sunday evening.  B and I explored the city on foot Monday, and ended with a lunch at Twitter before heading to the airport.  Did I mention it was an amazing time? 

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