Monday, April 4, 2011

And then it was Monday

I'm not usually one to whine and complain about Mondays, but I am feeling particularly lethargic this morning.  I blame it on the fact that we had such a lovely weekend, which made waking up and heading out the door that much more difficult this morning.

Friday night was a perfect start to the weekend with a trip to the local animal shelter, where we fell in love with at least two dogs.  We also saw this little thing, who requires sunscreen to go outside because she has no fur.  How 'bout that mustache?  Funny, eh?  Or is it just sad?

Saturday was sunny and we were up and at 'em early.  I always love when B agrees to go shopping with me and Saturday was one such day.  We had to cut the trip short though so I could join my mom and grandma for lunch, which ended up lasting three hours!  We just kept talking and talking and talking.  We talked so much that we ended up having to re-open our tab so that we could order some cheesecake and more coffee.  Now that is a good lunch date.

We went to a work event of mine and good friend's birthday party Saturday night, and both were big hits.  Who doesn't love a good mix of entertainment, conversation, new foods, fun friends, and dancing?  That was exactly how Saturday night was. 

Bryant's eyes don't always get along well with camera flashes.

Sunday was what Sundays should be.  We relaxed, we cooked out, we planted tomatoes, Bryant got a new bike, we went for a bike ride, and watched a movie with the windows open while it stormed like madness outside.  It went from being 90° during the day to a hail storm at night.  It was perfect movie-watching / popcorn-eating weather.

These are the weekends that I wish could last forever, but then I guess I wouldn't appreciate them so.  And guess what.  We leave for San Francisco Thursday, so I think I can survive today.  Skiing in Tahoe, sailing in the bay, and drinking wine with my sissy.  Just four more days...


Jordyn said...

Your weekend makes me happy.

Keli said...

Me too.

kariberry said...

and i love love LOVE your dress!


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