Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buhberry (because when I say it in my fake English accent, the first "R" doesn't exist)

Does Burberry ever fail?  I was just clicking around on their website and was so excited when I held my mouse over a photo and the model started moving!  Have you seen this before?  It's not happening all over their website, but if you use the link I put up there, you can see for yourself.  Here are some of the pretty things I saw on there.

Python Hobo Bag 

Check Lined Walker


I had a few more picked out, but the image quality isn't so great.  It all looks better on their website anyway.  Most importantly, I am waiting patiently for it to be Fall enough for me to get my Burberry Brit back out.  And I'm also daydreaming that I live in London.  And listening to Muse to feel closer to England.  And holding my mouse over the models to make them move.  Cheerio.

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