Sunday, December 20, 2009

What I Did Today

This afternoon I attempted to make
homemade blackberry jam.  
I say attempted because I am still waiting to see if it sets properly.

I cannot believe how much sugar the recipe calls for.  *Yikes*

And now I sit and wait, fingers crossed and breath held.
I hope it is deliciosa.


Jordyn said...

how'd it turn out? looks yummy.

IS THAT BOWL FULL OF SUGAR!? can't believe that!!!

Simone said...

How did it come out?

keli * said...

the sugar is just on top of the blackberries. the pic was taken before dumping it into a bigger bowl. still. . .wow!

It turned out ok. I'm not even sure I like blackberry jam, but it looked and tasted decent. next time I will try a flavor I enjoy. strawberry? boysenberry? mmmm!


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