Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Dream To Be Realized

Built-in Bookcases!!
They are just so charming. . .


P.S. Am I old-fashioned for thinking the TV above the mantel sort of kills the charm?  Maybe its just me.


That Guy said...

No, you're not old fashioned. Lets face it, TV's remain in the bedroom where they become the proper avoidance tool for you and your partner. for example,

(Dave smiles and gives Marge a wink)
It's Wednesday honey and you know what that means.

(Marge smiles back and in a sexy tone says)
King of queens is on.

(Dave picks up the remote and turns on the telly)
end scene.

Simone said...

I am in agreement with you Keli - the screen ruins the look of the room but I also believe TV should be in a gathering room.

You can buy TV Art to cover up the screen and encourage conversation ...and btw - keep the bedroom a TV free zone ;) lol

keli * said...

haha. thanks simone! TG, good luck to you in the bedroom. I'm glad you named the wife Marge? :)

Amber said...

gorgeous! I agree about the TV thing as well.


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