Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Since when is Brown Not a Christmas Color?

I just had quite a time wrapping up Christmas presents.  This year I opted for a neutral, sort of vintage packaging theme.  I bought brown paper, so yes, that is intentional and not a last-minute grab at grocery bags for wrapping paper.  I wanted the brown.  I love the simplicity.  It reminds me of a present from back in the day (whatever day) where the glittery, shiny, loud paper was not an option.  Sort of an early 1940s feel to it, which I (inaccurately?) associate with simple, pure times.  
 I may be the only one excited about it.  The poor people receiving the gifts may be less than enthused.  I got some ribbons to jazz it up a bit & my favorite part is the bells attached or tucked inside.  Especially for the ones that will be received in the mail rather than in person. How exciting to have a package that jingles its way across the land+sea into your hands!


Let's start with photo #1.  They didn't get to take pictures with the other presents because they have been en route across the world.  That white one is hopefully getting close to Bremen, Germany, and the little brown guy safely arrived in San Francisco 2 days ago.  So simple.  So cute.  Unfortunately, due to my blogger audience, the contents inside them are super top secret until all presents have been received and opened by all.

The next pictures are obviously my sweet little brownies aforementioned.  That big one being attacked by bows is for my mom.  Hence, the "Mum" written on the card. Yeah, its a mixer.  She asked for it, but it's definitely more of a practical gift than any mind-blowing extraordinary present.  It was probably my favorite to wrap because of its size and shape.  I also like the attack of the bows.

That little rectangular guy on top of it is for my little nephew.  It's a brain quest.  I am the aunt that refused to walk down the ever-exciting (and crowded), favorite among the kids Star Wars aisle.  I just cannot get myself excited about Star Wars, so I could not get excited about giving such a gift.  With a brain quest he can learn lots of fun math facts!  Plus, I didn't completely banish the Star Wars idea.  I grabbed a coloring book full of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi (which is super fun to say), R2-D2, lightsabers, and Darth.  So, you see, I am not actually the worst aunt/gift-giver.

His sister got a Tinkerbell doll, of which I think both Giver and Receiver will be happy about.  Tink is such a sweet little character.  It is a win-win situation.  And if Kellen asks why Grace got a good gift and he didn't, I can always use the youngest of the three to make him feel better.  That is because I don't even have a present for the 3rd little tike.  So if anyone got the shaft, it's little Karson.  I mean what do you get the 10 month old who has everything?  That's on my list for tomorrow.  For tonight, I am off to place these presents under the tree and tuck in for the night.

Merry Almost Christmas Eve!!

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Jordyn said...

My favorite is the medium sized one with the white bow and green striped card. Lovely.

I took some of my wrapped presents too—I'll have to post when I have some time ;)


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