Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The 100 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

The Official List

[Some of my favorites]

bungalow=a small, cozy cottage
demure=shy & reserved
eloquence=beauty & persuasion in speech
epiphany=a sudden revelation
leisure=free time
love=deep affection
nemesis=an unconquerable archenemy
onomatopoeia=a word that sounds like its meaning
pastiche=an artwork combining materials from various sources
plethora=a large quantity
ratatouille=a spicy French stew
serendipity=finding something nice while looking for something else
surreptitious=secretive, sneaky

Hm, I guess I have a lot of favorites. Did I leave any out? What are your favorites?


Simone said...

Salutations = greetings
Fortuitous = Serendipitous
Colloquial = informal
Succulent = Juicy
Advantageous =beneficial
and soooo many more...sigh

Ruffles and Heels said...

You forgot pree-cise :D


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