Monday, August 24, 2009

You're So Hip

Last night, after a mini wine tasting session, approximately 2 hours of RockBand, and a few drinks in, my friends and I were ready to hit the town. One fellow suggested that we find a hipster bar because "hipsters are so in right now." So after some discussion, googling, and loitering, we ended up at said hipster bar. As we ventured into the night, I pondered what exactly makes someone a hipster.

Scarves? I wear scarves.

V-necks? I wear v-necks.

Josh Hartnett? I like Josh Hartnett.

Once we arrived at the bar, found a cozy seat near the pool table, and had drinks in hand, we were able to decipher for ourselves what it means to be (a?) hipster. Here is what we saw:
  • Cut-offs. The tighter the better. Black or faded gray seemed to be the most popular option. [You may know them as "jorts".]
  • Lots of plaid, most likely in a vibrant color.
  • Males: some form of facial hair [mustache, major chops, side bangs]. Hair on head must be dirty dirty dirty.
  • Females: a quirky haircut. Extremely short bangs will suffice.  That, and/or an obviously not natural hair color.
  • Must be drinking cheap beer from a can [such as Pabst Blue Ribbon].
  • Tats.
  • Basically, we saw this guy:

    After taking note of the hipster style, I have concluded that there is no simple definition. Wikipedia has a good enough explanation and common characteristics are noted, but really a hipster is just a hipster [ just a hipster...]. It's as simple as that. If we are being totally honest, isn't there a bit of hipster in us all?  Does anyone know where I can get some faux tattoo sleeves?


    Lily G. said...

    I LOVE scarves!

    Simone said...

    uhm..think rewind of Nirvana and clothing a size too small...;)

    Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

    i think you summed up hipster pretty well. though i do wear my scarves a lot, i'm not cool enough to be a hipster!

    Anonymous said...

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