Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am a tiger, hear me roar.

When I turned twenty-six in July, I declared that this would be my 'year of the tiger.' I will take action on what I want to change in my life, I will be less talk and more DO, and I will check things off my list of lifelong goals.  We're about three months in, and I love the mentality this focus has given me. 

The Big Things
1. Study Spanish (and/or volunteer) in South America.
2. Gain job-related insight and direction. (i.e. What do I really want to be/do?)
3. Travel to New York more. It's inspiring.

The Littler Things
1. Drink more water.
2. Practice yoga regularly (2+ times per week seems realistic).
3. Purchase BFF rings with BFF.
4. Send more snail mail to the ones I love.

Done/In Progress
1. Improved my skin care and loving it.
2. Keep my hair healthy and growing.
3. Be a better girlfriend/housemate.
4. Get rid of the awful clothes still creepin' in my closet.
5. Hosted a housewarming/birthday/summer soiree.


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