Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I sort of love when Halloween falls on a weekday because then it feels like Halloween for a whole four days. We only dressed up once over the weekend, and it was a pretty last-minute costume, but it worked. It's fun sporting a brunette bob and wearing bright orange!

So can you tell who we are? We only had a few people guess correctly, which was expected, considering we had to do some Google searches to even put the outfits together. Anyone? 

Hint: He's a singer, and I'm an actress. Together, we're a song lyric.

It's Mary Tyler Moore & Buddy Holly!

See, I don't expect people to know it. Let's be honest, I barely knew who Mary Tyler Moore was either. But now can you hear Weezer singing, "Ooo ee oo, I look just like Buddy Holly...oh oh and you're Mary Tyler Moore..." We had a great time in our costumes, and I think my wig is inspiration to be Jackie O. next year. Also, how adorable is Buddy Holly? The blue jacket. The glasses. Ahh, he's swell.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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