Saturday, June 19, 2010

S is for Saturday

and Sunday. Sunshine. Sweetheart. Sugar. Sister. Stars. Sangria. Serenade. Soiree. Soccer. Sentiment. Sabrina. Sanity. Stripes. Simmer. Sage. Shout. Strawberry. Soap. Sperry. Starlight. Subtle. Silence. Sale. Surprise. Serenity. Seek. Sauvignon. Share. Seductive. Sincerity. Singing. Spackle. Spain. Spark. Spring. Sprint. Serious. Somber. Sweater. Seattle. Segway. Silver. Secret. Shock. Shower. Salt. Serendipity. Serotonin. Shift. Story. Soup. Self. Symphony. Smile. School. Style. Shy. Stunt. Sour. Sender. Scenic. Serious. Sew. Stroll. Snack. Swim. Sea. Satin. Soar. Soo...

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