Friday, April 23, 2010

One Month = Moving Day

It's nearly official--one month from yesterday I will be moving into a "big girl" house and leaving my one bedroom behind.  In order to not drive my dear boy/future roommate absolutely insane by e-mailing him links, photos, ideas, etc. every other second, I intend to post such found links, photos, ideas, etc. right here on The Stars Purple.  If my excitement level stays anywhere near where it is now, I will have quite the collection of inspirations when the move-in finally happens.

Today my excitement is focused on the semi-sunroom we will have.  With plenty of natural light and some exposed brick along one wall, I think my dreams will flow quite nicely in and out of this area.  Check out these greats:

I love the bird cage. *photo here

Positive energy. *photo here

*photo here

A different approach. *photo here

Bright + sunny. *photo here

*photo here

This one makes me laugh. *photo here

Sooooo who's coming over for tea??


kariberry said...

please let me know as soon as you have a date for your housewarming party and i will search for flights!!! woot.

keli * said...

Well you can always book a flight just for a tea party kariberry.


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