Friday, July 31, 2009

Just another day at the polo grounds...

Out here in New England, things are a wee bit different than they are back home in the marvelous midwest. One such example is that there are no polo matches where I come from. I had the opportunity to attend one a few weekends ago and what an experience it was. The match was USA vs. Ireland. The announcer had a classic British accent. The BYOB drink of choice was red wine (complete with stemware). And the people were dressed exactly as one might expect. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps the entire day was secretly a [Polo] Ralph Lauren photo shoot.


vicki archer said...

It most definitely looks like a catalogue day - so beautiful and stylish. Enjoy your weekend, xv.

Simone said...

Were there lots of hats? Love the hat parades :)!

Amelia Situmeang said...

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