Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Say Do, She Says Don't

While shopping at Express with my sister last week, I surprised her by taking a couple of jumpsuits into our fitting room--one for each of us to try on. It began as a joke; however, I actually enjoy the one-piece look. I would never attempt to wear the pantsuits, but I think the short ones are fun. A definite Do for Summer, even if Sister says they're a Don't.

1. Forever 21 $22.80
2. Young Fabulous and Broke $149
3. Shona Joy $209
4. $264 (my ultimate favorite because its based in KC)
5. Express $59.50-$79.50 (these I agree are a Don't, although the models are fabulous)

1 comment:

The Divinitus said...

i always wanted a cute jumpsuit, especially with open back, but wasn't brave enough... time to give a try, girl :)


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