Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alt Summit Classes & Bing

I don't expect to ever be a full-time blogger, photographer, designer, or stylist, but it sure is fun to dabble with a bit of it all. Last year I took an InDesign course from Nicole's Classes, and I've been wanting to take a photography class since purchasing my DSLR over two years ago. 

Well, guess what? Thanks to Bing, I can take two Alt Summit classes for free. Class options include topics from photography to organizational skills to analytics. I'm for sure planning to take DSLR 101. (Maybe one day my camera will reach its full potential.) The other ones I'm leaning toward are Graphic Design for Bloggers or Technical Writing for Bloggers. I'd love to know some more basics in the big, bad world of design, but I'm always up for a writing class. Hmm, how does one choose?

If you're interested in taking a couple free classes too, here is all you need to know. Pretty simple, huh? I'm giddy with excitement already. Thanks Bing!

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