Monday, April 23, 2012

Nurturing Happiness

I came across this little article about nurturing your own happiness and decided to share a few specifics that I took away from it.

1. I will smile first thing in the morning. The sounding alarm has become quite a struggle in my day, which is not a good way to kick things off. I just love sleep. And dreaming. And snuggling. So to get things going first thing in the morning, I'm going to smile (right after I push snooze just once).

2. Work on something that's meaningful to you. Blog more. Finish that paint project. Get better at yoga. Those are my three for right now. 

3. Keep track of the things you're grateful for. This should come pretty easily, as I know I am very blessed. To make sure I stick to this one, I'll be implementing 'Thankful Thursday' posts weekly. Should be a fun one, don't you think?

4. Truly appreciate those around you. Another one that should be easy because I have some pretty special people in my life (near and far). To make this one happen, I will do one random act of kindness once a week for someone special. Snail mail is always a good option, or maybe planning a special date for the boyfriend, bringing cookies to co-workers, having dinner with grandma, or taking the dog to the park.

5. Take a hot bath. Yes, please.

6. Stand tall. "Look the world in the eye."

7. Tell someone you love them. Everyday.

Here's to nurturing our happiness!

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