Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food With Friends

Food and friends are two of life's joys that, in my opinion, should come together quite often.

Last weekend sixteen friends and I gathered for my boyfriend's birthday at Westport's recent addition, The Boot. My advice to you: eat here. Its charming atmosphere, good food, and excellent service make it an ideal place to get together with your pals.

What originally enticed me to make a reservation here was the large family-style dining room table in the middle of the restaurant. It's the first thing I noticed when I took a peak inside, and I instantly envisioned my friends and I cozily seated around it. The ambiance is pleasant with exposed brick on both walls and simple floral accents giving it sweet pops of color. It has a quaintness that reminds me of the endless blocks of cafes in New York, all full of charm and character.

The food was good. We started with a plate of mussels, followed by short rib ravioli and pizza. My favorite of the three was the short rib ravioli, and I hope to try the ricotta next time I'm there. The portions were perfect. I like a little white space on my plate or else I end up eating more than I ought to and leave with that I-shouldn't-have-eaten-the-last-meatball feeling. The Boot left me satisfied, yet not too full to finish my glass of wine.

Throughout the evening the owner stopped by our table a few times, kindly introduced himself and made sure everything was satisfactory. Our waitresses were friendly and competent. They gave their personal recommendations from the menu, encouraged our singing of Happy Birthday, and (most importantly) didn't roll their eyes when we discussed separate checks. They seemed happy to have us, and we were happy to be there.

Kansas City's food scene has a good thing going, and The Boot is a tasty addition to Westport's mix. So grab a few friends. And eat food. And be joyful.

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