Monday, November 28, 2011


Indeed Thanksgiving has come and gone, we've all eaten copious amounts of food, expressed what we're thankful for, and gone back to work. But I didn't want the entire holiday to pass without a brief post.

We attended three Thanksgiving dinners - one with friends and two with families - that were all yummy in our tummies. As tweeted on Sunday, I believe I ate an entire pie (collectively) over the weekend. Pumpkin still reigns as my favorite, but blueberry was a nice addition to the table this year.

Ever since I was a young little thing, a family tradition has been to attend the Kansas City Plaza Lighting Ceremony. This year's guest was Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet, which is cool because a.) he's funny b.) he's from Missouri c.) it's usually a football player or someone I don't really care about. The tradition has dwindled from 20+ family members to just a handful of us this year, but it's always top of my list for Thanksgiving plans.  Thousands of Christmas lights mixed with loved ones, hot chocolate, and a big dash of nostalgia is not something I care to miss. 

Gracie loves her Bryant

The girls

We're missing a sister . . .

Me & Gracie

Me & Bryant (such a handsome thing he is)

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was splendid.
Onto Christmas we go . . .


Ruffles and Heels said...

Awww....your pics turned out SO. much better than ours did. So so good! Anyway, with that, I think a trip to the plaza should be a must for the weekend, if only for picture opps...

Jordyn said...

Precious pics. Why didn't we get one!? We're getting bad at that.

See you again in 21 days! <3

Anonymous said...

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