Friday, May 20, 2011

Weeeee! It's the Weekend

Another week has flown right by us, and I'm especially happy for this weekend because B has been out of town for the last few days.  Today he is home sweet home and we have huge, major, extravagant plans to kick off a rainy weekend  we're watching Somewhere and ordering yet-to-be-determined crappy junk food.  Chinese?  Pizza?  Something fried?  I do not know, but if the world ends tomorrow at least we can say we lived on the edge just a little.

Tomorrow I intend to create a scrumptious breakfast.  I doubt I will ever tire of eggs benedict, so hopefully B agrees that that is always/still a good choice.  Maybe with some pancakes too.  And freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice before the poor grapefruits go rotten.

We are going to see Peer Gynt in the afternoon.  Ever heard of it?  Neither have I, but it should be a fun little outing.  Then off to a college graduation party and to wherever else the night leads us from there.

No plans Sunday.  I know a dog who will probably want to go to the park, and I would love to go see Bridesmaids.  It looks funny, eh?  That, and I need to get some pictures developed.  I am so bad about that.  They all just sit on my computer and wait for someone to love them and order them so that people can view them everyday and they can live in our home instead of in a computer.  I ought to make that a priority for Sunday.  Done.

To recap: I will be laughing, eating, watching movies, and ordering pictures this weekend.  Cheers to that.

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