Friday, March 11, 2011

Flash Dance Friday

I am so looking forward to a sunshine-y weekend with little to do, yet ample opportunities for fun.  A girls night out with some drinks + dancing is in order for this evening to celebrate a good friend moving away.  She will be greatly missed, but any excuse to go dancing is fine with me.  One of us has already started warming up her moves, which she learned here:

Tomorrow kicks off some Saint Patrick's Day celebrations with a Saturday parade and probably something green too.  Green eggs (and ham)?  Green beer?  A new green shirt?  Maybe we will work toward our grass getting a little greener?   Who knows, but I'm in the mood to be festive.

Sunday plans include relaxing, trips to the park with the pup, catching up on some shows, and spending some time in the warm(er) weather.  If we're feeling really crazy we might even finally take the Christmas lights down.  Yeah, we're those people.

Cheers to happy weekends!

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