Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love is.

Last night on the way home from dinner, Bryant and I got to talking about love.  More specifically, what it is.  We weren't in a romantic or philosophical state of mind, but rather a semi-margarita-induced, high-on-life state of mind.  We went back and forth with examples of what love is, and these are the ones that have made me grin today:
Love is not being mad at me when I ate the rest of your Sonic Blast that you left in the freezer.
Love is being comfortable enough with the other person to tell them anything, yet still getting excited when they walk in the door.

Love is Holland (our dog).

Love is holding you down and having Holland lick your face.

Love is watching Desperate Housewives with me.

Love is watching Gladiator with me.

Love is wanting to stop time so that everything stays this good.

Love is the belief that no matter how tight I try to squeeze you, it's never tight enough.

Love is tears in my eyes at the thought of life without you.

Love is a kiss goodnight.

Love is surprising me with breakfast.

Love is knowing you're my #1, even when you have completely pissed me off.

Love is just like the country songs.

Love is having to consciously make an effort to stop thinking about you all day.

Love is pretending that you agree that I am always right.

Love is knowing that I am always right too.

Love is tweeting about you.

Love is taking me seriously every time I have a new life goal/dream/plan.

Love is letting me use your toothbrush when I forgot mine.

Love is picking up your socks when you leave them all over the house.

Love is listening to you complain about picking up my socks when I sometimes leave them around the house.

Love is continuing to tickle me after I seriously tell you to stop.

Love is knowing that whatever happens, all is well if I've got you.

And of course, love is subjective.  What is it to you? 

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livingforme said...

I don't know what I really think of love. BUT...i do know that I love this blog!!


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