Monday, July 19, 2010

L41 Home

How would you feel about living in an L41 Home?  ". . .conceived by architect Michael Katz and artist Janet Corne, the prefab home is ultra-compact, built with green materials and energy efficient. Designed to be constructed on piers or a four-point foundation, the home could easily be located on any site with minimal impact."

It seems to be a rather spacious studio and supposedly has lots of storage as well.  With just 220 square feet, I think it's quite charming. 
I would go for one as a vacation home.  Maybe one propped up somewhere on the East Coast.  Along the streets of Boston perhaps?  Or maybe I would rather find a flat spot somewhere in the Rockies.

I guess weather conditions would have to be very moderate wherever it goes. 
Could I put it on wheels and make it my modern version of a Winnebago?
Great, I'll take two. 


Jordyn said...

One for me so we can roll 'em right up next to each other?

keli * said...



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