Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Want That.

My most realistic dream at the moment is to have a cozy chair to spend hours upon hours in browsing the internet, reading, drinking tea, dreaming, and blogging.  Sure, there is the minor problem that I have a tendency to move from one side of the country to another from year to year, selling most furniture in the process, but one day I will be settled enough to purchase the chair of my dreams.

Now, I understand the world makes wicked cool chairs of all sorts, but let's keep in mind that this particular chair's main purpose is to be a comfy place for me to park on chilly winter evenings and hot summer afternoons.  I found a great variety over at room and board, which theoretically could be my favorite website (if I owned a house).  These are some of my favorites:

I love that they are so basic, yet not dull.  Not to mention, the throw pillow possibilities.  If you are in the furniture market, or at least enjoy looking at some neat pieces, I recommend you head over to room and board.  For now, I will remain in this boring desk chair, dreaming of the day when one such chair finds its way into my home.

1 comment:

my so called fab kelly said...

i love the first couch. the color is so adorable..i know theres other terms for it ..but its shrimp color to me!!

the 3rd one fab!! but hands down the first one seems soooo comfy!


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