Friday, October 30, 2009

français 101

In honor of my costume for the upcoming holiday, let's review a few favorite french words and sayings, shall we?  yes, we shall.

mademoiselle [miss]
enchante [enchanted]
pamplemousse [grapefruit]
je suis [I am]
touche [touched/hit]
je t'adore [I adore/love you]
je t'aime [I love/like you]
bon appetit [good appetite/enjoy the meal]
avant-garde [on the edge/innovative]
c'est la vie [such is life]
femme fatale [deadly woman]
je ne sais quoi [that indescribable 'something']
joie de vivre [joy of life]
soiree [evening party]
amelie poulain [if you don't know her, you should]

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