Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the good kind of stranger

sometimes strangers aren't so bad.  you know there are the ones who whistle, hoot, and holler out their car window as they drive by.  the beggars who aren't afraid to get in your face and ask for change.  the drivers who cut you off unnecessarily.  the guy at the gym who won't let your out-of-town friend use the 7-day free guest pass because she doesn't have a local ID.  there are those strangers.  and then there are the good ones.

today I encountered one such good stranger.  a gentleman I passed on the crosswalk, seemingly and probably homeless, simply said as we crossed, "smile there, sunshine."  I admit I wasn't smiling.  the day had taken a toll on me, and I was in no mood to flex my face muscles into a smile. but his comment was simple, without motive, and harmless.  and just by him saying it, I did crack a smile.  the day got brighter after that, as I realized the littlest things can help at the toughest of times.  thanks, seemingly and probably homeless guy.

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