Thursday, June 25, 2009

What to Wear?

It's only 10am, but I am already plotting an attack on the mall tonight. With a trip to NYC set for this weekend, I am on the prowl for something fun to wear for a (much needed) night out in the big city. Here are some potentials I will be searching for. What do you think I should wear???

I love this 3.1 Phillip Lim fringe dress from StandardStyle. Unfortunately it is all the way in Kansas City, so I won't be purchasing this particular one. Hopefully I can find one similar though because it is oh-so-fun.

I'm a sucker for anything this color. There is definitely an Express nearby, so this skirt is an option...not quite as flavorful as the fringe dress though.

You can't go wrong with a purchase from Forever21, particularly if you are looking for something you may only wear a few times. Chances are good that the item will fall apart if you wear it more than twice and/or wash it. Still, I am willing to blow a mere $19.80 to wear this dress for a night. My only predicament: is it too daytime?

I like the idea of dressy black shorts like these. Sleek and stylish, yet more comfortable than a mini.

I have zero glitter in my closet, which is a bit of a tragedy. If there is one place glitter is appropriate, that would be New York City. This skirt is from

OR I could keep the outfit simple and add some exquisite head decor.

These are the looks I am venturing to find. Any input is greatly appreciated!


Lily G. said...

I love all of these. I would wear any of them. Good luck on your shopping spree tonight!

Jordyn said...

i really love the black shorts and top outfit! the fringe dress is a definite hit too! going to NYC still? wish i were too!!!

kelly said...

ooh great picks!! Just remember to leave room in your luggage for the EXTRA EXTRA goodies you're going to be getting when you're in NY!

have a fabulous time my dear xoxoxo

boubou said...

Hello !
First time i come across your blog so im gonna visit it now :)
well if you wanna see my daily collage inspirations, visit boubouteatime if you have some time,
A bientot,
Boubou xx

Anonymous said...

Ohh wow I am in love with that purple dress its fabulous!

lily x

chicmuse said...

like those picks.



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