Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boyfriend Style Jeans - - Really???

With spring just around the corner, the latest styles and collections are beginning to pop up, and I must say I am super excited. The gladiator strappy sandals, maxi dresses, plaid, high-waisted skirts, big necklaces...the list goes on...however, the boyfriend style jeans terrify me. When Katie Holmes did it a few months ago, I thought I remember it being in a magazine as a "don't." Yet, here we are, February 2009 and it looks as if the baggy jeans rolled at the bottom is the latest thing. I suppose maybe MAYBE some versions may be okay paired with a girly top and heels or cute flats. Unfortunately though, most of what I have seen is dreadful. Good luck to those who dare to pull it off. I am anxious to see the look out on the streets for the first time, to which I expect my initial thought to be, 'Oh hell, it's really happening."


Emz said...

I'm not really big on the boyfriend jeans either- I feel like... It's not a very flattering shape. I mean, they're comfortable, but why don't you just wear fitting sweats that look more flattering if you're going for comfort??

The Shopaholic said...

Il m'en faut un à tout prix ! J'adore le style de Katie Holmes et comme je préfère les chaussures plates aux stilettos, c'est tout à mon avantage :)

keli * said...

Shopaholic, next time you wear the boyfriend jeans you should take a pic and post it! I would love to see what you put together! Thx for the input :)


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